Are you a beginner looking for a fun way to learn about makeup?  Or an aspiring makeup artist looking to brush up on your skills or learn a new techniques?

If so, then our private sessions are a perfect fit for you!  Not only are these 3-hour-long sessions highly tailored to your specific makeup needs, but they'll also grant you quality one-on-one time with Baljit Gill, to ask questions and address any specific concerns you may have.

In a relaxed and private space, you can discuss your beauty concerns and needs with a true professional.


With Baljit Gill Artistry’s Complete Makeup Lesson, you receive personalized advice from one of Toronto's makeup artist and learn to how to apply specific techniques you can use on a daily basis. 

This one-to-one professional makeup lesson is the best investment you can make in your appearance, confidence, lifestyle, career and future.

Take advantage of Baljit's 20 years of experience to really learn about your skin and facial features. 

Then learn how to beautify them easily in this fun, show-and-tell, hands-on makeup session.

How Does It Work?

Baljit will evaluate your current look and products before directing you through a customized makeup application. This step-by-step makeup lesson creates the perfect look that reflects your personality, profession, style and taste.

In clear stages, Baljit will teach you the techniques that are right for your face, with each stage delivering maximum impact with minimal effort.  She will also show you how to softly accentuate or dramatically define your features to suit every life occasion. 

Baljit will equip you with the most effective colours and tools to do your own makeup. Money-wasters are replaced with sensible, savvy solutions to assemble a sophisticated, streamlined and versatile makeup kit.

You will learn how to pull your look together in just minutes for work, then take it up a few notches for that girls night out!

People of all ethnicities, ages and professions immediately benefit from Baljit's enlightening and engaging approach — leaving the session feeling inspired, confident and gorgeous.

Who Should Attend?

What does the session include?

What does the session include?

  • The busy woman looking to learn about makeup.
  • Gal-pals looking to glam up their girls on a night out..
  • Those hunting for that perfect gift to give their makeup-obsessed friend
  • Those with MUA aspirations, looking to add additional skills to their resume.

What does the session include?

What does the session include?

What does the session include?

  • 3 hour-long private session
  • Quality one-on-one time with Baljit Gill, to help with any questions you may have.
  • Highly tailored to your specific makeup needs & style.
  • Products/Tools for your session.
  • Model for you to practice on, if required (additional cost).

Where & When?

What does the session include?

Where & When?

  • In-Studio only  - We are located in Kleinburg, ON  (HWY 27/Major MacKenzie Dr.) 

  • Available for bookings from from September - April only.








In order to keep the focus entirely on you and your needs, these sessions are private and closed. Guests are not permitted.